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I guess its official..
December 30, 2006, 4:37 pm
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Ousted Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein was hanged inside one of his former torture centres in the final act of a brutal 30-year tragedy that left the stage strewn with tens of thousands of corpses.

Officials who witnessed the execution said the 69-year-old former strongman remained defiant to the last, railing against his Iranian and American enemies and praising the rebels who have pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war.

A grainy video showing his corpse draped in a white shroud was shown on private television after the state network broadcast a clip of masked hangmen placing a noose around his neck, cutting away just before his execution.


Jesus Couch
December 29, 2006, 6:28 am
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Jesus Couch

Hey guys,
Sorry i haven’t been bloggin as much, been super busy cuz of the holidays. Here’s a picture i found of the “Jesus Couch”, which I heard about on the radio. I guess some guy in Las Vegas found this on his couch on Christmas Eve and its been on the news.

Merry Christmas!
December 24, 2006, 11:43 pm
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Well, its Christmas time again. Time for fun and that sort of stuff…lol. If you are bored at all this holiday, all day on Christmas Arrested Development will be playing!! Happy Holidays!

Arrested Development

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus.
December 23, 2006, 2:39 pm
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This week’s message was about Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, so we started out with…Jesus. Even simply the name of Jesus brings power, to angels, to Christians, and even to people who don’t believe. The name of Jesus inflicts so much emotion and contradiction between one’s heart and mind. His name specifies what he does, he saves. What does he save? He save us in the mist of any situation, from our sins, from corruption, how life currently is, and from pain and suffering. Just came to help us not worry and allow us to put all our problems on him (Matthew 11:28-29). He wants us to only worry about loving people, loving Him, and loving ourselves, which we have the hardest time doing. We also live in a society that accepts God, but rejects Jesus. God says to reject Jesus…is to reject God. (Acts 4:11-12). We have such a problem with even sometimes admitting we are a Christian. Yet in the midst of the Christmas season, it’s hard not to think about Jesus. We go around saying it’s not about receiving and Santa Clause, but about a baby. Unfortunately the problem with saying it’s about a baby, we tend to look at Jesus as something we can control and manipulate. What Christmas really is about is not a baby, but a risen king. A king that saves us from how our life is currently (Isaiah 11:6-9), even Isaiah tells us yes a baby is coming, but He is a king that will even rule the animals. He is will be on the throne and ill take away all pain and suffering (Revelation 7:17). So in this Christmas season, remember it’s not about a baby…it’s about the risen King.

I also want to briefly talk about what happened Sunday morning (my own opinions). In the middle of the 9 am service. Pastor Matt totally stops the service and looks at a lady, whose kid is being loud. “Um. Are you OK? You know ma’am we have lots of wonderful people who would be more than happy to watch your child?” To which she responded, “No” then gave the child a rattle. A tad bit distracting, even to Pastor Matt. I thought it was kind of funny, but I have ADD. So there’s a big comment forum going on in Carlos’ Blog, so if you’re interested…check it out. LoL. Merry Christmas!

Santa Clause Conquers Mars!
December 21, 2006, 10:44 pm
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Santa Clause Conquers Mars!

After hearing from Carlos’ blog about this movie, I was a little interested. About a few weeks later my friend Jake, received this movie at our gift exchange. On Tuesday he suggested we watch it, and I’m like sweet! Let’s do it! All I have to say is….wow…lol. Such a cheesy movie….if you have time to waste and want a good laugh, check it out. The whole movie is about how the Martian’s want to steal Santa Clause to have on Mars. This movie had horrible acting; Santa was oblivious to everything that was dangerous to him and seemed to be drunk or on drugs (sad to say), the kids had more common sense than he did. All the shots of aircrafts in the air trying to stop the Martian’s were all random filmed shots of airplanes that had no connection to the story whatsoever. Their weapons had no effect to them at all, it just made a popping sound and it “froze” people. Then my favorite “tong” (I think if I remember right), a huge robot that Santa turned into a toy by just talking to it…so random. Lol. Ironically I was telling my dad that I saw this movie, and he told me that he used to watch it when he was a kid! Now that’s scary lol.

Ultimate X-men 77
December 20, 2006, 2:22 pm
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Ultimate X-men 77

I am a huge fan of comics. I have been probably all my life and still i love reading them. Michelle on the other hand, rather read a book, but then u miss all the cool pictures! I used to read more comics, unfortunately i don’t have time to so these are my two favorites at the moment because I haven’t followed any of the Marvel “Civil War”. So what I like to do is review the comic.

Ultimate X-men #77.

For those who don’t follow comics here’s a brief overview. The “Ultimate” is a new twist on all the old Comic series. It was a hope to “re-invent” the old heroes into modern day times. This means they changed basically ALL the storylines. Currently in this issue, Cable has entered into the scene to kill the professor. In the last comic it basically told us that Cable is wolverine in the future (as apposed to Cable being a person made with Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone). So Cable is unable to reach the professor and kidnaps Jean Grey. Then Bishop (historically a mutant from the future, but this version is old) came into the scene, trying to stop Cable.
So bishop leads a team to find Cable to get jean grey back. Unfortunately there are some slight casualties in doing so; Rogue (who is losing the power of former Gambit) has returned to having her own power loses her arm (not to fear she steals wolverines power…not a surprise) from being attacked by Cable’s team (Grizzly, Hammer, Kane, and Domino).
Cable realizes he is under attack and prepares to go after the professor, which ironically is going after cable because of a twist (common for the Ultimate timeline), Professor Xavier is in love with Jean…
Good times.

Just Jump!
December 19, 2006, 11:26 am
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Rob Bell

Book: Velvet Elvis
Author: Rob Bell
Movement One: Jump

Faith. All of us have it. Christians have it. Muslims have it. Even Atheists have it. Everyone no matter who they are have some sort of faith. Whether its having faith in God or themselves, they have faith in something. The real question isn’t whether people have faith or not, but what do they have put their faith in.

Rob Bell brings up an interesting point. Many people today say that Christians are very “closed minded”. This is what he writes,

“What is fascinating to me is that at the center of the Christian faith is the assumption that this life isn’t all there is. That there is more to life than the material. That existence is not limited to what we can see, touch, measure, taste, hear, and observe. One of the central assertions of the Christian worldview is that there is ‘more’. Those who oppose this insist that this is all there is, that only what we can measure and observe and see with our eyes is real. There is nothing else.”

Which Perspective is more “closed-minded”?

Which Perspective is more “open”?

Everyone follows somebody. Even in all the decisions we make every day (how we treat people, what to do with our lives, what friends we talk to, ect). These decisions come from somewhere (Parents, teachers, mentors, scientists, ect.). We are influenced by so many things in culture. People get all our ideas, worldviews, and even religion from all over the world. Everyone is following someone. Everybody has faith in something and somebody.

We are all believers.