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January 30, 2007, 9:30 am
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This week at pipeline, (for those who don’t know Sandals 1st though 6th grade Sunday school) we had a crazy time. It started off kind of different this week, because we got Matt Cash instead of Eddie (which is good because matt cash is cool and has a cool phone, lol). After worship Mike and Raylyn do a silly “introduction” to what the kids are going to be learning. This week was a review so we didn’t have a video like normal, but we just finished this series called “Extreme Words” which is about crazy dirt biking. Well to show off to the kids mike decides to do a trick too. He was going to jump over a Styrofoam prop we made and go under another one all on roller blades. Well what was great was he made it over the first one but slammed into the next! Here’s the movie to it!



January 29, 2007, 4:31 pm
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So I was walking to my next class and I heard some yelling, I looked up and saw this.



A man yelling holding a huge sign. What you can’t see in these pictures is on the other side, it says “Turn or Burn”. Which instantly brought back memories, of a video I saw a month or so ago.

I began listening to what he was yelling and he said things like, “God intended sex after marriage, Religion is ok, we are just like you, Come back to the Bible” unfortunately I was late to class so I had to leave, but even as I was walking to class I heard all the comments of other students walking with me like, “Just like him? Yeah right” and “I wish that guy would stop yelling stupid stuff”. I heard about 10 different things just walking by one courtyard. It’s obvious, I don’t think him doing this is working; I think it’s actually making things worse (which I knew it wouldn’t work). Even though the Bible is specific in saying that 90% of it all is meant and only meant for Christians, they are saying the world has to live by these standards. It even is confusing to me because even though I’m a Christian and I’m not yelling these kinds of things… me and him are both being looked at and categorized in the same way. It’s horrible to think that when people think of Christians, they think of this and how we are just trying to convert people. Jesus says that we are to save, not condemn. Also this method doesn’t appear very loving at all, especially when Jesus says, in the bible, that the most important thing to do is to love God and then love everyone else. How can I love someone I don’t even know that is just passing by? I have to have some kind of relationship with that person to even begin to make a difference in their life. How can we say we love God and don’t love the people around us? If we don’t love the people around us, we are all liars about what our love for Christ really is (1 John 4:19-21)? So I’m asking them and us to put the bullhorn down, I’m tired of it, were all tired of it, and I think Jesus is tired of it. Now comes the part where I examine even my own motives, what are we (mainly me) doing to change the perception to non-Christians that brings up such negativity. How is it that the beautiful perfect message of God get turned into something else, how do so few people speak for so many of us Christians. What we need to do is get out there, build relationships, and show people what Christ is really about. To love others is to love God (something I personally really need to work on). Love is Christ’s defining mark.

January 28, 2007, 10:53 am
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Here is the new TMNT trailer! Its the G4 one, just because i thought it is kinda cool too. Enjoy.

Only Real Men Knit…
January 27, 2007, 12:25 pm
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The clone saga.
January 25, 2007, 7:08 pm
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The clone saga.
One of the “touchy” subjects in the Marvel Universe, the clone sage brought the Scarlet Spider. (Many people disliked this story line, but personally I loved the scarlet spider).

Scarlet Spider

Well the ultimate universe decided to once again try this idea out. Like all the ultimate storylines before it, the writers always change the storyline. This was defiantly not an exception. Starting off, this storyline was quite confusing with the return of Peter Parkers father and Gwen Stacy, who were both dead. Other clones started popping up like Spider-woman, the scorpion (yes, which was quite a surprise) and quite a few other ones.


All clones of Peter Parker. Who was behind all of it? Doctor Octopus. In the Ultimate Universe if you are not familiar with the story line, Doc Oct has lost his 4 metal arms and now is working with the government. As peter finds out that he is behind all of this, one of his clones give the OZ formula to Mary Jane (originally the stuff that made Norman Osborn the Green Goblin, which ironically in this series is how Peter gets his powers). Peter and I guess Jessica (Peters female clone) are faced to fight the gimp Doctor Octopus…but wait was his powers gone? Apparently Doc Oct didn’t control his arms by it being attached to him, he can control metal too (which I thought was kind of a stretch). So he creates new arms and they fight. The two take him out because he can control everything but them (because they aren’t metal, which I thought was kind of lame too).

Final Fight

Peter then returns to help Mary Jane and they find a cure to suppress the gene, but this cure can also suppress his too!

Peter Parker

This Series I thought was well done, a few kind of parts that I thought was a little hokey, but it was still a great storyline. Wish they brought back Scarlet Spider though…

Spring Forward…Fall Back…
January 23, 2007, 2:38 pm
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Rob Bell

Rob Bell
Velvet Elvis
Movement One: Jump

The author tells a story about his son and a trampoline. In this section he brings a point on how the trampoline has springs and they are needed to help make it work. They are to help make sense of the deeper realities that drive how we live every day. The springs are God or Jesus, but they are statements and beliefs about our faith. Christians arent supposed to focus on the springs, what the springs are for is to help us understand the point (God) of our faith

An example Rob Bell uses is the Trinity. This idea has been in the Christian doctrine for a few hundred years, yet the word Trinity is not in the Bible at all. It is built on the idea of God being three separate personalities, yet still being one God. The Trinity was not part of the doctrine of the original church, but is widely part of the doctrine of today. So like the spring on a trampoline, Christian doctrine is constantly flexing and stretching.

In fact, its stretching and flexing are what make it so effective. It is firmly attached to the frame and the mat, yet it has room to move. And it has brought a fuller, deeper, richer understanding to the mysterious being who is God.

The author also brings up the example of Moses. God tells Moses that he is the I Am. Which back in this time no one had any idea how to describe God. God is not a visible object to be seen or heard, also even trying to define God, limits the power of God. What God is saying is that I will be who I will be (or knows Himself to be). This was a totally revolutionary idea back in Moses time, now it is knowledge to modern day Christians.

The point that Rob Bell is making, its Christians should study and get into the springs (Christian Doctrines), but when it becomes the point of our Christian life is the doctrines. It is wrong.

The springs are huge they hold up the mat but they arent God. They arent Jesus.

Back to School…
January 22, 2007, 11:39 pm
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Today was officially the first day of school! Unfortunately all my classes are back to back, so the only time i have to myself is the 5 mins i “get”, when i walk to my next class. I did however somehow dodge many of the clubs handout fliers….somedays you are just that lucky.