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Happy Un-Birthday!
January 10, 2007, 11:43 pm
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Well better late than never I guess…lol. I’ve been so busy I have not been able to talk about our Disneyland experience. Well for Michelle’s birthday I took her to Blue Bayou (That restaurant in Pirate’s of the Caribbean). So we had reservations to at like 12 pm, so we got there an hour early and decided to get fast passes to Space mountain (If your haven’t heard, they changed the song to a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song). So we get there and the place is packed. It takes us 45 mins to park, which means we need to be get there in 15 mins and it would have taken at least that long to get on a tram. So we decided to run. Now me, I was like yeah ok, but she didn’t have good shoes on so she ran barefoot. I give her props; it sucked because we ran on asphalt. So we get to the gate and still have 2 mins to get there, so we practically run through Disneyland. I don’t think I’ve ever ran in Disneyland this way…it rocked. Finally we make it and sit down, and our waiter comes up to us and says happy birthday Michelle, handing her a bottom (I still have no idea how he knew this). So we sit at the table and notice that the Ride has broken down and people were sitting and waiting to get going again, while we sat there breathing kind of hard from sprinting. The waiter comes back and gives us these menus and tells us we can keep them!


So we took them, because they freaking rock. Finally we eat and are about to leave and the waiter comes up and gives us a dessert for being her birthday and a card from random people (I have no idea who they were and how they knew it was her birthday). As we were leaving the same people were being evacuated off the right by going ship to ship because the ride still was broken, was awesome because they had to turn on lights and we could see really good in the room.

Me and Michelle

We finally leave and had to wait 70 mins to get on Space Mountain because the time we got over there, they stopped doing fast passes for the ride already at 1 pm. If you have a chance, ride it. They changed a few things in the inside. The ride was pretty cool. Well that ends our day at Disneyland. Food and only one ride! Lol.