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January 29, 2007, 4:31 pm
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So I was walking to my next class and I heard some yelling, I looked up and saw this.



A man yelling holding a huge sign. What you can’t see in these pictures is on the other side, it says “Turn or Burn”. Which instantly brought back memories, of a video I saw a month or so ago.

I began listening to what he was yelling and he said things like, “God intended sex after marriage, Religion is ok, we are just like you, Come back to the Bible” unfortunately I was late to class so I had to leave, but even as I was walking to class I heard all the comments of other students walking with me like, “Just like him? Yeah right” and “I wish that guy would stop yelling stupid stuff”. I heard about 10 different things just walking by one courtyard. It’s obvious, I don’t think him doing this is working; I think it’s actually making things worse (which I knew it wouldn’t work). Even though the Bible is specific in saying that 90% of it all is meant and only meant for Christians, they are saying the world has to live by these standards. It even is confusing to me because even though I’m a Christian and I’m not yelling these kinds of things… me and him are both being looked at and categorized in the same way. It’s horrible to think that when people think of Christians, they think of this and how we are just trying to convert people. Jesus says that we are to save, not condemn. Also this method doesn’t appear very loving at all, especially when Jesus says, in the bible, that the most important thing to do is to love God and then love everyone else. How can I love someone I don’t even know that is just passing by? I have to have some kind of relationship with that person to even begin to make a difference in their life. How can we say we love God and don’t love the people around us? If we don’t love the people around us, we are all liars about what our love for Christ really is (1 John 4:19-21)? So I’m asking them and us to put the bullhorn down, I’m tired of it, were all tired of it, and I think Jesus is tired of it. Now comes the part where I examine even my own motives, what are we (mainly me) doing to change the perception to non-Christians that brings up such negativity. How is it that the beautiful perfect message of God get turned into something else, how do so few people speak for so many of us Christians. What we need to do is get out there, build relationships, and show people what Christ is really about. To love others is to love God (something I personally really need to work on). Love is Christ’s defining mark.