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Ouch…Face the facts
July 16, 2009, 2:33 pm
Filed under: Life

Wow Look at the date, its been officially over a year since Ive last blogged. I remember how i would go insane if i hadn’t blogged at least 4 times a week. Now its all about twitter rather than blogging. Funny. Well, what can i say. Its been a wild year. When i mean wild i mean, dang you’ve been here and there and everywhere! Moving to Arizona…moving back to California. Its a long story, not sure if i want to tell it. What i can say is i have done a lot of growing. Some in areas i had no idea i needed to. I apologize if i sound vague, but what i really want to say is this. For all the growing Ive done, Ive lacked growth in my spiritual life the last few months. This is due to my signature sin, the need to avoid pain. Ive slipped out of my consistent schedule spending time with God and i don’t want to face the facts that when i go back even though it will be awesome and great i have to face…pain. My faults and failures. Therefore i decided that maybe its time to listen to old and good advice since its why i started blogging, ‘Blog your reading of the Bible so that i have to do it’. When i say ‘do it’ i mean ACTUALLY read…not forcing me to read. I can read and then there ACTUALLY reading…if that makes sense. So Hopefully i can post every so many days of what Ive read. If not I’m kickin myself in the face.


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