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Iron Man.
October 22, 2007, 8:01 pm
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Looking cool. Not sure how popular its going to be, How many people know who iron-man is?

This is how i always say iron-man growing up.

I got my first Iron-man in 2nd grade! lol, Im such a geek.


Thats Strange..
June 6, 2007, 12:40 am
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Who all knows who Dr Strange is? C’mon don’t all tell me at once (sorry I’m a tad bit sarcastic atm lol). Yes, I know I’m a comic geek. If you don’t know who Dr Strange is … click here! Thank goodness for Wikipedia eh? Anyways, there is making a cartoon movie for Dr Strange that comes out in August and here is a preview. This is currently the 4th marvel cartoon movie made and so far they have been fairly decent, but I am hoping this one will show more promise. Check it out.

Fantastic Four 2!
May 8, 2007, 12:01 am
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Silver surfer!

So while i was waiting in line for Spider-man 3 i looked over and BAM! I saw it! A life sized version of Silver Surfer. Now being the Geek that i am i ran over and too a picture….but didnt realize that it came out a tad bit blurry. If you get a chance to go to the plaza, check it out! its freaking sick. For those who dont know much about silver surfer heres the new preview for the upcoming movie~!

The clone saga.
January 25, 2007, 7:08 pm
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The clone saga.
One of the “touchy” subjects in the Marvel Universe, the clone sage brought the Scarlet Spider. (Many people disliked this story line, but personally I loved the scarlet spider).

Scarlet Spider

Well the ultimate universe decided to once again try this idea out. Like all the ultimate storylines before it, the writers always change the storyline. This was defiantly not an exception. Starting off, this storyline was quite confusing with the return of Peter Parkers father and Gwen Stacy, who were both dead. Other clones started popping up like Spider-woman, the scorpion (yes, which was quite a surprise) and quite a few other ones.


All clones of Peter Parker. Who was behind all of it? Doctor Octopus. In the Ultimate Universe if you are not familiar with the story line, Doc Oct has lost his 4 metal arms and now is working with the government. As peter finds out that he is behind all of this, one of his clones give the OZ formula to Mary Jane (originally the stuff that made Norman Osborn the Green Goblin, which ironically in this series is how Peter gets his powers). Peter and I guess Jessica (Peters female clone) are faced to fight the gimp Doctor Octopus…but wait was his powers gone? Apparently Doc Oct didn’t control his arms by it being attached to him, he can control metal too (which I thought was kind of a stretch). So he creates new arms and they fight. The two take him out because he can control everything but them (because they aren’t metal, which I thought was kind of lame too).

Final Fight

Peter then returns to help Mary Jane and they find a cure to suppress the gene, but this cure can also suppress his too!

Peter Parker

This Series I thought was well done, a few kind of parts that I thought was a little hokey, but it was still a great storyline. Wish they brought back Scarlet Spider though…

Ultimate X-men 77
December 20, 2006, 2:22 pm
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Ultimate X-men 77

I am a huge fan of comics. I have been probably all my life and still i love reading them. Michelle on the other hand, rather read a book, but then u miss all the cool pictures! I used to read more comics, unfortunately i don’t have time to so these are my two favorites at the moment because I haven’t followed any of the Marvel “Civil War”. So what I like to do is review the comic.

Ultimate X-men #77.

For those who don’t follow comics here’s a brief overview. The “Ultimate” is a new twist on all the old Comic series. It was a hope to “re-invent” the old heroes into modern day times. This means they changed basically ALL the storylines. Currently in this issue, Cable has entered into the scene to kill the professor. In the last comic it basically told us that Cable is wolverine in the future (as apposed to Cable being a person made with Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone). So Cable is unable to reach the professor and kidnaps Jean Grey. Then Bishop (historically a mutant from the future, but this version is old) came into the scene, trying to stop Cable.
So bishop leads a team to find Cable to get jean grey back. Unfortunately there are some slight casualties in doing so; Rogue (who is losing the power of former Gambit) has returned to having her own power loses her arm (not to fear she steals wolverines power…not a surprise) from being attacked by Cable’s team (Grizzly, Hammer, Kane, and Domino).
Cable realizes he is under attack and prepares to go after the professor, which ironically is going after cable because of a twist (common for the Ultimate timeline), Professor Xavier is in love with Jean…
Good times.